Site Privacy Policy

Killer Copy Tactics has written this ‘Privacy Policy’ so that each visitor is aware of how their information is collected, stored, and shared. This privacy policy applies to this website only; Killer Copy Tactics takes no responsibility for the collection, storage, and sharing of information on third-party websites that may be assessed via this website.

Information We Collect 

We collect information whenever a person visits the site and whenever a person decides to get in touch with us. All information is provided voluntarily, and the visitor has the option to opt out of providing us with information. However, some aspects of our website could become unusable if this is the case.

Whenever a website visitor decides to contact us here at Killer Copy Tactics, certain pieces of information may be requested. This could include but is not limited to your name and your email address.

How this Information is Used 

Gathering information is an important part of improving the service that we offer. We will never sell the information of our visitors to other third-party websites, nor will we ever exchange this information or rent it to others.

Killer Copy Tactics will fully cooperate with police or other law enforcement authority if requested, and we will disclose visitor information if requested to do so by a court order. We will also share information if we believe it is necessary to defend ourselves on a legal basis and to protect the rights of the Killer Copy Tactics brand. However, information will only ever be shared on a limited basis for that specific purpose.

Choosing to Share Your Information 

All information provided by the visitor is provided on a voluntary basis. Said visitor may contact us to request that their information is removed from our systems. These requests are always honoured, but residual information from the person in question may be maintained for a short period of time. This could mean something such as in the form of a database archive copy or as a backup.

User Consent and Changes to this Privacy Policy 

Through visiting and browsing Killer Copy Tactics, the visitor consents to everything mentioned within this privacy policy. We continue to reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time we choose and without prior notice. It is incumbent on the website visitor to review this policy regularly to ensure they agree with the latest changes. In the event that he or she does not agree with any of the items found within this privacy policy, he/she should leave the website immediately. The person’s continued use of the site is recognised as him or her consenting to this privacy policy in full.

How We Secure Your Information 

We take every reasonable precaution to safeguard visitor information from unauthorised viewing, alteration, disclosure, and destruction. However, whilst we take every reasonable precaution to protect this information, we cannot be responsible if our security measures are breached. We assume no responsibility in the event that user information is accessed, disclosed, misused, or destroyed by an unauthorised third-party, in the unlikely event that this occurs.

All information provided by the visitor is done so at this individual’s own risk. Killer Copy Tactics recommends that sensitive personal information is not disseminated as the site will not take responsibility for any consequences if our security measures are breached.

If you have any questions about any part of this privacy policy, please contact us via the contact form on this website.