The most common question that crops up about copywriting is one of what counts as ‘quality copy’?

All content writing services know that quality copywriting is about letting the audience come away from a piece of content thinking that they have learned something. They come away knowing something they didn’t before.

In this blog post, we want to show you what makes up a quality piece of copywriting.

  1. Details, Details, Details

 Anyone can write a generalised piece of copy. You need details if you are going to make your content stand out and be informative all at the same time.

For example, if you were writing a piece on stock trading, you would include current examples. You may add statistics regarding the latest changes in the FTSE 100 companies. It would also be good to include case studies regarding others who have followed specific strategies.

And that should be backed up by relevant resources with links attached.

  1. Get to the Point Early

 We live in a world where attention spans are shorter than ever. The preferred habit of most readers is to skim read. If they see something they like, they will read your content in-depth.

Avoid ambiguity in your subheadings and try to ‘answer’ questions in the first couple of sentences. You should also endeavour to answer the chief subject of the article within the first paragraph.

  1. Adopt Your Article to the Needs of Your Target Audience

 Your article will vary depending on the audience you are targeting.

Are you targeting stay-at-home mothers who like to shop online? Then you know that they prefer shorter articles with lots of links to great deals and products. They don’t need long, rambling opinions on what you think of the product, unless you’re acting as a personal shopper.

Are you targeting investors? They want to know the details, so write longer articles. You also need to stuff the article with lots of facts and figures taken from major financial institutions and websites.

  1. Avoid the Mystery Article

 What do we mean when we talk about a so-called ‘mystery article’?

We mean that the answers should be clear from the first paragraph. The old method of copywriting involved refusing to reveal the answer until you reached the conclusion paragraph. This worked back then, but now people will just click away if they are not getting what they want.

It now works in reverse. The body of the article explains how and why you came to your conclusions. Only detailed content targeted to a relevant audience is going to lead to readers getting all the way to the bottom.

Last Word – Let Your Audience Lead You 

These general principles explain what you need to have in your articles to create ‘quality copy’. However, you may have already noticed that these principles are dictated by the overarching image of your target market.

You must look into your competitors and speak to your audience to determine what they want from you. It is vital that you let your audience dictate what you write and how you write it.

Are you ready to start writing quality copy?