Your copy needs to evoke an emotional response. It needs to grab your target market by the proverbial throat and force them to listen. The importance of current events can’t be underestimated. This is why we always say that being a good copywriter is extremely fluid.

Leave for six months and suddenly what you knew before is no longer relevant. So why is reading up on current events vital for killer copy?

Knowing How to Evoke Emotional Responses 

Opinion pieces always get people talking. They depart from the ‘news’ style which traditionally stands the test of time. The style of opinion pieces always changes according to current trends. Something you read five years ago will not have the same style as something written yesterday.

Keep reading opinion pieces and note the style. How do they use subheadings? How do they organise their thoughts? What sort of language do they use?

These are all questions you must be able to answer if you’re going to be a successful copywriter.

Relevance is the Primary Factor 

The world moves faster than it has done at any point in history. And so do readers. After a few weeks, everyone is talking about something different.

The only way to keep up is to use current events. Talk about the issues of now and weave them into your copy. You’ll notice, for example, that many brands started using the results of the 2016 US Presidential Election as a way of getting people interested.

They Encourage Emotional Responses 

The greatest difficulty any copywriter has is encouraging an emotional response. Most of the time, brands write something and readers simply shrug their shoulders. They have little interest in reading any further or following through on your call to action.

Stating an opinion will always encourage an emotional response one way or another. Any emotional response is good because it encourages others to join in on the conversation.

Yes, you will get haters, but that’s okay because they’re still providing you with value. And that’s what matters. Only a thin sliver of your readers will go on to do business with you in any meaningful way. Those are the people you’re targeting, not the naysayers who chime in with their worthless opinions every so often.

What Do You Do about Controversy? 

So many businesses resist chiming in on current events. They prefer to sit on the fence because they’re afraid of accidentally upsetting someone. Controversy for many businesses is something that almost feels like the end of the world for them.

The answer to controversy is to do it. Of course, there are limits, but you can do a lot with controversy because it generates an emotional response, which we talked about before.

But finding that balance can be difficult for many people. You wouldn’t begin advocating on behalf of a terrorist movement in the middle of your business copy. That would only vilify your business and make the brand toxic. You need to pick and choose based on your target audience.

This is where comprehensive research on your target market comes into play. You need to know what they think about the issues you may weave into your copy. This could include political affiliation and stance on certain issues. Luckily, with a combination of opinion polls taken by external organisations and reading into social media activity, this is easier than you think.

Is it Always the Right Time? 

This is a general guide on what you should do if you do decide to utilise current events to your advantage. Not every business will find a use for it and there won’t always be a time for using current events in your copy. The trick is to know when to use it and to know when to back off.

By knowing your audience in-depth, you should have no problems making this work.