Finding the right length for your copy is one of the oldest debates in all of copywriting. The most effective length for copy is not something that can be given a fixed number. It’s something that you have to find based on the type of copy, among a whole host of other factors.

Sometimes short is good and sometimes long is good. This is something that has to be adapted. The Killer Copy Tactics team is going to help you find out what the right copy length is for you.

Write Only What You Need 

That’s the rule of thumb for anything that you decide to write. You should only write what you need and nothing else. The length of your copy is determined by the point you’re trying to make.

This is why a product description is never as long as a full blog post. You don’t need any further words for a product description. Map out your points and decide how many words you need to make that point.

Ridding People of Pessimism 

Understand that long copy gives you more of an opportunity to answer potential customer pessimism. The more you write the more potential misgivings about your product you can answer.

But long copy is also a double-edged sword. It’s easier to also create holes in whatever point you’re trying to make; it’s easier to make errors.

That should not stop you from writing long copy, but it should make you more careful when writing it.

Does it Need an Explanation? 

As a general rule of thumb, long copy should be used when you’re explaining something. Not all the copy you write will require an explanation of something.

Short copy, on the other hand, is ideal if you are simply selling something or you’re just stating something. For example, you wouldn’t write a long essay on the opening of a new company branch. It doesn’t require any explanation because both the point and subject are obvious for all to see.

Don’t Overthink It 

The key is to not overthink this. Copywriters constantly agonise over what the ideal length is. And the general answer has changed often. Previously, some people thought 500 words was the right length. Then some people thought they had to write at least 1,000 words. Other people went on to find the middle ground of 700 words. Too many people waste their time trying to read into this.

Folks will always read what interests them. If your favourite author wrote a monster 1,000-page book, you would still read it because you love that author’s work. The same principle applies for any form of writing.

Overthinking will be the death of your writing business. Write something interesting and take as many words as you need to say what you need to say.