The Killer Copy Tactics team has a lot of experience writing product descriptions. This area of copywriting is what really brings in the money, especially if your business sells through third-party retailers like Amazon. The problem is that product descriptions rarely do what they’re designed to do.

The secret to creating a product description is simple: give the information that the reader actually wants to know about.

The Clutter of Modern Product Descriptions 

Navigate to Amazon and look at any electronic. The descriptions are often filled with technical specifications and general information. The easiest way to look at these product descriptions would be to describe it as a mish-mash of everything the product does.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having this information at the very bottom. The reader who wants to know absolutely everything will read all the way to the bottom. Most readers aren’t interested, so don’t put this information in front of their faces.

Tell Your Market How the Product Benefits Them 

There’s a subtle difference between telling readers what a product does and telling your potential customers how a product benefits them. Essentially, you’re talking about the same aspect of the product, but you’re speaking to the reader. This is like the difference between passive voice and active voice.

Imagine going up to someone in the street and telling them about the features of your product. You’re giving a standardised sales pitch.

Now imagine going up to someone in the street and having a conversation with them. Now that you know a little bit about them you can tailor your pitch according to how your product benefits them.

This is the same principle you must apply to your online product descriptions.

Talk about the main benefits of your product not what your product does. Now you’ve opened a virtual dialogue with your prospects.

Keep it Short 

Attention spans, for better or for worse, are at their lowest of any generation. People are always in a hurry and they don’t have time to read through a long article about every aspect and feature of your product. Shorten your product descriptions.

Make copious use of bullet points and numbered lists. Practice cutting the word count down. A product description is not a sales pitch. You’ve already got your target to the product page. You need to strike while the iron’s hot.

Take out every unnecessary word and get right to the point of why they should buy this product.

A Trick with Language 

The type of language you should be using in any product description should be firm. Don’t talk about what the product could do for your audience. Talk about what it will do for the person in question. Make guarantees. If you have faith in your product, you shouldn’t have any problems making these guarantees.

And it goes without saying that your product description should be in the active voice. Keep the conversation moving and keep it in the present. It creates the impression you’re talking specifically to that person. That’s far more likely to keep their attention.

Know Your Audience 

Finally, to write about the benefits that matter to your potential customers you need to know them. You have to know what they like and what they hate. Discover what they care about and what means nothing to them. This will help you to prioritise your points.